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September 20, 2007

haven't use english for a long long time,realy miss it.using english to write blogs let me dare to share things with people and not feel embarrassed.

i am a chemistry teacher now.god really likes to play jokes with me.chemistry,let me so desperate before,four years,all my college life was ruined by it.but it also let me begin to think about my life,to think what i like,to think how to spend my life,to think about the meaning of my life.it has been a year after i graduated.i changed my job several times,and moved between cities,so tired.now,i finally have time sit down to think where i should go next...

life is going on...

live in a strange city,not used to the food,the weather.but i like the people here,the students are so cute,the workmates are so nice to me:))))

07:02 PM Sep 22 2007



You are not the first or the only one to experience such feeling----moveing and hobbing to find a right job.

It's good that you sit down and think of that. But, let me share with you my own experience.

I graduated in, let say, a scientific field, and at present I work in a media field whis has nothing to do with my degree. I took several jobs and yeh, I asked myself several times that if I did the right thing to abandon the field I graduated, with a very high score. Well, I faced challenges, tough times and had to work harder than others in those jobs to proove that I am as good as or even better, than those who claimed they are good because of they got certain degrees suitable for their positions. 

Today, I see that with all my efforts pay back. I enjoy my current work and none dares challenging my ability and efficiency. I know I still have to work hard but this time for myself, not for others to prove me. I am lucky to find what I love to do. But, that takes time.

Don't worry. You will find the right path-- the woork that you love to do . One thing, never give up and not others judge you.


07:28 AM Sep 20 2007



Don't think too much. Think simple and look on the bright side of the life, and you'll find out you are a happy person.

Being a theacher must be hard, but very worthywhile job!!