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Shiang Ling


September 11, 2010


time flies ... 

my summer vacation is over =(

my school has started for 2 weeks

how about yours?

well .... 

I'm so glad that i'm not the leader in this semester

but i'm the vice-leader!

that's so bad =(


this year is my second year in the high school

it seems i have many things to do in the future!

haha ... i will do my best!


well a good new

I am elected to English school team!!!


is it great? um i don't know!

but the first thing that i have to do is ....

try to speak English loudly on the stage!!!!!

do my best!!! :)

anyway i hope everyone has a great school life :)




02:27 AM Sep 12 2010

Shiang Ling

hey : )

thank you =)

well it really makes me so tired!

but just like you said

everything will be fine :D 

02:14 AM Sep 12 2010



hi, i am a high school student,too.

i have a lot of homework to do and i am very tried .but i think everything will be fine.i hope that you adapt school life as soon as possible

July 20, 2010

hey all : )

how's your vacation?


let me tell you something about my vacation

i have a  "Summer English Program" in July in my school

it means i have to go to the school from Mon.~ Fri. 

4 classes one day! totally 20 classes one week! 

our teachers are from Tallahassee, Florida , America

they come here for one month.

(now it's third week.

next week they will go back :(  )


oh yeah ...

i will keep taking more pics to record this summer program.

and i will post them when i have time!!

don't forget to check it !! haha...


i hope everyone can have a great summer or winter(?) !




12:58 PM Aug 10 2010

Shiang Ling

hey : )


06:31 AM Aug 06 2010


United Arab Emirates


June 28, 2010

06/29 ~ 07/01 ( Taiwanese Time )

my final exam in the school...

this is the last time in my senior 1.

next time , i will be senior 2..

wow! time is so fast!



does anyone have final exam soon?

if you are, just want to say " Good Luck!"

Go! Go! Go!


02:00 AM Jun 29 2010

Shiang Ling


are you on vacation now?

thanks so much!

11:55 AM Jun 28 2010

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My final exams finished last week

good luck ;)