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Shiang Ling


May 2, 2010

The sky is so beautiful.

when the day is sunny, it is light blue.

When the day is cloudy,it is  white.

When the day is rainy, it is dark.

At the afternoon,it is different.

i don't know how to say it is true.

But i like the color of the sky,whenever it is.

when i am unhappy , i always like to look at the sky.

it can make me feel better :)

i also like to take pics of the sky..

I don't know why..but i just like to do it!

oh right, you also can see many pics of the sky in my photo!

maybe you can leave some comments about my pics!

i will be so happy to see it!


How do you think about the sky?

share your ideas with me ..hehe!

and just curious...what do you do when you are unhappy?

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02:09 AM Jun 29 2010

Shiang Ling

there are clouds in the sky these days here

haha! i took some pics of that lately

i think i will post them after my final exam!

hahaha! sleeping is a good way too!!

11:28 AM Jun 28 2010


sometimes when i look at the sky i think about that there's people that's doing the same thing...  i like sky when there are big white clouds :D

when i'm unhappy i like going to my sofa and sleeping xD