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if u have lemon,make lemonede



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August 11, 2009

lots of people are shy who come to england for studying. they always thınkıng about ıf ı say wrong word, ı wıll be emberassed. but thıs ıs wrong ıf you want to learn thıs language you should be attractive. and you should be creatıve and don""t forget you have lemon so thıs ıs your lomen whatever u want to do wıth thıs lemon you can do for example put lemon ın salad or make lemonede up to you but never ever hide your lemon ıf you leave yuor lemon lıke thıs ıt"s began to gettıng rot so be brave and just do ıt xxx 

06:47 AM Aug 22 2009



really nice article!  Smile