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Russian Federation

June 30, 2011

the best way to be happy is to listen to your heart. take your right to make choices, to decide what is important for you by yourself. ********     02.07.11 most of us from time to time think over: what is the sense of life and what`s the main purpose of life of  a human. Someone looks for the answer in religion, other people try to follow trends of society....when I start thinking about it, plenty of ideas come to me. what is most important for me in this life? definitely: my family and friends, their happyness and achievements, experience that i get every day. i like when my dreams come true. i like when the world around is peacefull and smiling. actually I do not always behave the way I would like to.often the fear and worryness hinder me from that. One of the steps  I made to change it - is wrighting the blog. Shearing my thougts with you. striving for developement of me as  a personality.

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