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May 4, 2008

 It is a rainyday  yesterday ,I don`t like rainy day.

But since I accept rain ,I have taken a little love to  rain .

He said that rainy day  means he around me all the time.Tongue out

He is not tall,even is lower than me.

He is a bit low ,but I like him all the same.

I can`t accept him at begin.

but he is so clinging that I be one of his conquests and fallen in love with him already.

"missing you finally ",I  really love this song It`s so glad.


07:18 AM May 04 2008

吉多 bear

吉多 bear

please happy everyday ,you know,if your heart raining even hte sky have sun ,it still raining,but if you heart sunny,even raining it still sunny

February 2, 2008