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children with knives




May 9, 2009

Yesterday afternoon my children and me were at a local playing field. I talked with some women while my children  played with each other.One of my friend's son came to us. He cried. He told that, two little gipsy guys had put a knife to his neck and had taken away his bicycle. The two  twelve -year-old robbers already had gone. I called this guy's father. He came immediately. I suggested that he should call the police. He said, It wouldn't have had any sense.

If the policemen didn't find the two robbers he just wasted his time. But if the policemen would succeed, the gipsies's family would take the bigger trouble.

How many fathers think about things like this?


Thank you for reading my blog.


03:40 AM May 09 2009

suzy sun

suzy sun

u r a good father....

i think ur friend should teach his son some concept of protecting himself...otherwise, the boy will fear the bad boys...and the bad boys will continue to bully him...

education is a big thing to parents...

wish u luck!

March 8, 2009

Our  night, and dawn was awful. My  six year old son had a sharp toothache.He cried from yesterday evening till today morning. We gave him pain-killers but that did not help him.Sunday morning we took him to a dentist on duty.

The doctor wanted to give him an injection, but he begun to cry and performed a hysterical play.

His mother make him  sit in her lap, and I seized his head. Finally the doctor was able to anaesthetize his aching tooth.

Ten minutes later The doctor extracted his tooth. Everything was bloody, we hardly saw anything. The child cried. (maybe the anaesthesia was not entirely perfect.)I asked the doctor to give me my son's extracted tooth. Then we sat in our car and went home.

At home, when the bleeding was finished, I glanced in his mouth. I saw that, there is an other tooth which was hanging as if it wanted to drop out, next to the place from where was pulled out the aching tooth.  It was kept by only one root. So we took our son back to the doctor, and he pulled this one out, as well.

Fortunately my son is happy now. He is not in pain. I am happy too.

To be frank I was very nervous.I regret him very much.


Sorry for this horrible story.I am under the sorrowful experience.

Thank you for reading my blog.



03:01 PM Mar 12 2009



C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Girl starves to Death after Having Teeth Pulled!!.htm


plz, look at that link. it is a news. i heard it and got schoked cus u know we people ignore the pain of teeth generally. Also, the treatment done by the doctor play a crucial role here. :)

 i ahve no intention to make u horrfied, i just wanted to share it. bye, take care of yourself and your children.:).

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2/10/2009 7:44 PM

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Girl starves to Death after Having Teeth Pulled!!

Tuesday February 10, 2009
Girl starves after having teeth pulled
by The Associated Press

LONDON -- When 8-year-old Sophie Waller cracked a baby tooth eating candy, it set off a chain of events that led to her death.

Sophie had such a fear of dentists that she refused to open her mouth for examination, so doctors at her local hospital took out the tooth in an operation. One of the medical team told a coroner's inquest that they removed all seven of her other baby teeth at the same time to avoid the need for future procedures.

After the surgery Sophie refused to eat or even open her mouth for her parents, the couple told the inquest. But she was sent home anyway, and starved to death three weeks after the operation.

"No one saw her after she was discharged from hospital," mother Janet Waller said. "I told (a child psychologist) she was sucking on a watermelon, she told me that was enough for her to survive on."

The parents said the hospital mishandled Sophie's follow-up care, referring them to a child psychologist who told them not to worry about Sophie's plummeting weight. Janet Waller said she also was told to consult her family doctor, who prescribed nutrition drinks over the phone but did not see the girl in person.

Pediatric pathologist Dr. Marie-Ann Brundler said Sophie died at home on Dec. 2, 2005 from kidney failure caused by starvation and dehydration. The inquest was told Sophie weighed 72 pounds (33 kilograms) when she went into hospital and lost a third of that weight before she died.

An official at The Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, 250 miles (400 kilometers) southwest of London, said there had been failures in Sophie's care, and it had changed its procedures.

"The impact of Sophie's death has been a wide-ranging impact across all of the disciplines that were involved," John Ellis, a pediatrician at the hospital, told the inquest. "There have been changes."

The hospital said it would not comment further until the end of the inquest, which was continuing Tuesday to establish the facts behind the girl's death.

Janet Waller told the inquest in Truro that Sophie had developed a fear of dentists after her tongue was nipped during a checkup, and had refused to let a dentist look at her loose tooth.

"Because Sophie would not open her mouth for examination, I wanted to eliminate any further dental problems," Tamsin Hearle, a specialist in pediatric dentistry, was quoted as saying by The Times newspaper.
[link to www.dailymail.com]

06:35 AM Mar 12 2009



Don't worry, man, it's kind of growing pains. Every of us may have to get through this when we were young.

But I have to say, what a stupid doctor

04:44 AM Mar 08 2009



Hello, I have 2 children and I understand you . when they are sick  , I  get sick too.   

03:38 AM Mar 08 2009


Russian Federation

Sometimes  we  accept doctors as the cleverest creatures in the world. And usually we trust the  people wearing  doctors' uniform. But  doctors are  humans! Just humans! Imagine a  class  of pupils at school: there are some excellent students, a lot of good students, and some poor ones...

 And  when doctors( as well people of other professions ) study, they also can have different marks. Your unluck was that your doctor seems to have studied poor...

 In that case a family doctors are the best. And sometimes my family  have to drive 200 km in order to get the correct consultation( I think, you know, what I mean)

 I am so sorry  that the kid had to suffer because of somebody's being... unprofessional.

January 26, 2009

In Saint Peter's hall three men are sitting and chatting. They are waiting for  entering the Heaven.

They are talking about in what circumstances they have died.

The first man said.

"-I was walking on the street, and suddenly my head was banged by a fridge. I died immediately."

The second man's story:

"- One day I was sitting in my office when somebody called me by phone. The voice said my wife had been cheating on me. I was offerred to go home immediately. I took on my coat, my hat and run to my home.

When I came home my door was closed, and the key was in the keyhole. I was very angry so I broke in the door. My wife was nerves and she was fully naked. I began to look for her lover. I glanced in the wardrobe, peeped under the bed, I twisted everything but I didn't find the coquettish.

Finally I took up our fridge went to our window and threw it out to street.

But My heart was so weak, thus I got a heart attack and regain my sense here in Saint Peter's hall.


When the second man finished his story both of them began to

stare the third one.  He seemed to be embarrassed.

Finally he began his story.

"-To be frank I was sitting in a refrigerator and I can't remember anything else."


Thank you for reading my blog

04:19 PM Jan 26 2009


Russian Federation