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children with knives

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January 6, 2009

My curriculum vitae in rhyms


I was born in the last century and said that: Hi!

This day was so hot, when first I  saw the sky.

My parents were not rich people at all,

I never got a little car, or my sister a doll.


But I was very diligent and good at school

Even though I was not wrapped in cotton-wool.

Sometimes I did my work, like an eagar-beavar

I had grown up, and finally I was a school leaver.


I took up an avocation. I wanted to be a joiner.

But at the bench I did my work, like a foreigner.

So I leaved my factory, I became a soldier,

I went almost for  two years to protect my country border.


 I finished my military service, as a sergeant-major

I had to make a decision, what should I do later.

I decided to serve our capital’s people.

And I tried to keep together, my body and my soul.


Now I’ve got a beutiful wife, she works as a nurse.

She is my last love, and she was the first.

I’ve got three children as well, my son is  six and shiny,

my older daughter eleven now, and nine years old  the tiny.


We all live in Europe,  Hungary is our country,

My hometown is on a great plain, and our life is funny.

We have a little house, and a garden as well.

I feel in my home that, what the pearl feels in its shell.



I like all the sports,  I like  do exercises,

and I don’t bother at all, ’cause of global crisis.

I like to read novels, and rhyme-making is a good game,

If a human being likes me, I feel exactly the same!!!!!


written by me ( Sonofmoon)


Thank you for reading my blog.

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11:54 AM Jan 20 2009


Russian Federation


Do you use this CV applying for a job?;)