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children with knives

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January 8, 2009

I have read this story in my daughter’s historical book. In the antique Greece there were a lot of  bill. People usually hate new rules, laws so they found out this simple solution.

If someone wanted to promote a bill, people had him stood on a podium. Around his neck was put a rope-sling. After this he was allowed to say about the bill. People had heard him and later they voted. If they accepted the bill they let him go away, but if they did not accept that bill,  he was suffocated.

It would be funny in the 21st century  if politicians did they work like this.

Thank you so much for reading my blog:-).

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08:38 PM Jan 09 2009


Russian Federation

 So many  states were forgotten, so many states were lost in time. But the Antique Greece  managed to create so many wonderful things that  we still remember and try to find an example to follow.

 It seems that the  profession of a politician was not so popular  that time.Smile

( But sometimes absolutely unpopular decisions of the politicians turn  out to be for good- though very rarely)