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children with knives

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January 19, 2009

I can remember for those years when I was young. I always wanted to tear down my girlfriends' flower. ( Certainly it did not happen too often.)

I thought that this behaviour is ingenuous, normal.

Years have flown away. I am not a young boy, any more.

Today I have two beautiful daughters.   Some years later teenager kids will try to tear down my daughters' bloom.

In advance I am affraid.  I am affraid to meet such a boy  who I was.

But the history is  in circle.


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08:12 AM Jan 20 2009


Russian Federation

The history is not a circle, but it's a spiral.

 And everyone has right on his/her  life experience.It's impossible to protect the kids from everything, but  parents  have to explain the kids  what is good and what is bad. If a person is able to  say NO to some offers-  it's the approval of his/her parents.

 And another thing is to protect them from  parental jelousy. As parents are not owners of the kids, but they are the "supporters". It means that in any life situation , parents must give a hand to  kid.( Even if one's kid's partner is not favourable.)

 (Just my opinion.)