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children with knives

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January 23, 2009

There are a lot of notice in yellowstone park:

-Attention! Bears are dangerous! Be cautious!


Two tourists walked  in the park. Suddenly they saw a bear, a big gray bear. It was horrific.The bear was rather far from them but as it realised tourists, began to come closer and closer. First it was slow, but as it came towards tourists its moving was faster and faster.

The two tourists was scared. Their legs were trembling.

One of them began to run away,  but the other said.

'-Don't run! The bear can  run faster than a man.'

'-Ok!'-Told this one, finished running and they began to prepare for death.

The bear  already was  close to them.


Rapidly that tourist who first didn't want to run away, began to run.

The other cried for him:

'-Wait! Don't run! You said that a bear can run much  faster than a man. It is meaningless to flee.'


'-Yea, yea ! But you know I used my brain! I came to realise that I do not have to compete with the bear, I only need to run' faster than you!



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08:38 AM Jan 24 2009



  The moral of this story: always use your own brain and never  bank on your companion in misfortune when there is a matter of life and death!  Smile

10:48 AM Jan 23 2009


Russian Federation

A sad story about friendship.. But a happy bear will be glad!!;-)