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children with knives

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January 26, 2009

In Saint Peter's hall three men are sitting and chatting. They are waiting for  entering the Heaven.

They are talking about in what circumstances they have died.

The first man said.

"-I was walking on the street, and suddenly my head was banged by a fridge. I died immediately."

The second man's story:

"- One day I was sitting in my office when somebody called me by phone. The voice said my wife had been cheating on me. I was offerred to go home immediately. I took on my coat, my hat and run to my home.

When I came home my door was closed, and the key was in the keyhole. I was very angry so I broke in the door. My wife was nerves and she was fully naked. I began to look for her lover. I glanced in the wardrobe, peeped under the bed, I twisted everything but I didn't find the coquettish.

Finally I took up our fridge went to our window and threw it out to street.

But My heart was so weak, thus I got a heart attack and regain my sense here in Saint Peter's hall.


When the second man finished his story both of them began to

stare the third one.  He seemed to be embarrassed.

Finally he began his story.

"-To be frank I was sitting in a refrigerator and I can't remember anything else."


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