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Colours in Life




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February 16, 2008

What is life? This is perhaps the most asked question by people of all ages but unfortunately there is no appropriate answer to this. Everyone has their own understanding about life and they are feel that they are right but no one knows the truth. 

For many people life is all about eating and drinking, for some life is all about relationships and family. I have met people for whom life is all about money and nothing else. As for me life is something which happens when we are making plans.

The best thing in life is we always have time to change and move on to different direction. I believe that everything which happens in our lives has a purpose behind it and a wise person is the one who can find it.

Now i need to find the purpose of which i landed in this wonderful website and become friends with people of different country, culture and background. 


02:33 PM Mar 12 2008



salam,i am botayna from morocco

i think u know something about my country

realy,we do not servive to eat and drink

but we eat and drink to servive,to be healthy, for getting our aim in life.

thank u srinivaskm, ur blog is so interesting.

07:32 AM Feb 16 2008



Really good blog. :)

So, there is another question: what is making plans?