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August 14, 2010

As most of the university students,my friend May have a boyfriend . But most of her friends didn't know that,for the reason she never tell them and never talking about her boyfriend.Do you know why ??The reason is very simple!!!Because she don't want anyone to see her boyfriend besides herself . She know there is some problem in her  thoughts. But she can't help thinking like that !!So she don't know what can she do !!She said she  love her boyfriend .....This is my friend May's real through,she didn't know how to overcome this problem ,so she come to me for help .But I did a bad job!!!So who can help my friend ????

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05:07 PM Aug 14 2010


Well.. you're friend should just trust her boy.. If she really loves him there's no reason to hide him from her other friends!
If her boyfriend loves her the way she loves him he'll not cheat on her..
She can't hide him away forever that won't be working..