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March 15, 2008

I believe in faith. Paulo Koelo has such words "When you go in search for love - love comes to you" Indeed who can learn about you and your desired to meet love if you sit at home and just dream of it. You need to get up and make a step and you meet people who has the same aims and wishes. The road of love like the road of war and other roads attracts different people but they have common aim. In this case it`s search for love. And if we met on this road and got interested with each other it`s not by chance. Nothing happens in life by chance.

Koelo again "some evenings happen in our life to make us return on the true way of faith. Other are necessary for us to practice our knowledge in life and some evenings must teach us". I believe that this site will help me to find my only one close friend, who has an aspiration to get rid from solitude and monotony. Who wants to have a real family, not just stamp in a passport, who knows what love is and who is able appreciate what he has and the most important thing is love! What’s love for you? I know it’s too complicated and sometimes we have lack of words to express our feelings, but please, give us a chance to understand each other’s thoughts, wishes, aims…

I am looking forward to hearing from you !


12:18 AM Jun 05 2008


Russian Federation

oooh..so touching words.. i was about to cry Cry i wish you to find the one you will fall in love and be happy..

10:48 AM Mar 21 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

As u said it's really hard to say what love is.

I want to write about my thoughts  ,but it;s really hard to explain.

it happens to most of us that when we meet a person accidentally we think that he can be the one we're seeking for.we accidentally meet a person somewhere and talk 4 some hours about special subject,you think that wow!we are the same...

at school u find a person with same idea with u.

but all of these are just starting steps,u have to be more careful in finding ur love,love is more than having same music or like same food or even having same opinion!

Love is in some words excessive generosity,honor,morality...

I can't explain better :-p

hope u can find ur special person  


07:22 PM Mar 15 2008


hello, sujan. you said u believe in faith, but why not believe  in chance. life is full of chance,.but  i am sure if u want to find u love,u must take anction, i have a friend ,she is looking for love at home,always in meloncholy,hope  u and her find your ture love.

03:00 PM Mar 15 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I apologise for my bad english first.

I seek for a special friend, maby can be you

February 16, 2008

Is It You?

Valentine`s Day will soon be here, So I need to rush out and find, A sweetheart to share that day with me, It`s driving me out of my mind.

Each year I let it slip away, Next year will be time enough, But next year comes and next year goes, I`m still "I," not "We," and it`s rough. This seeking goes on day after day; I keep looking for attributes fair.

My searching so far hasn`t brought me success, I can`t stop though; I just wouldn`t dare. Somewhere there must be a sweetheart for me, Someone attractive and true.

I hope that today this sweetheart I see... Hey wait! Hello... Is it you?

Would you be willing to try this Valentine thing with me?

December 12, 2007

“Life is not the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.” A beautiful phrase, isn’t it?
Thought they are not mine, I truly believe in them! I love to live and bring optimism into this world. I like to smile and to make people laugh. I appreciate self-made people and I always try to grow spiritually and mentally. I think I’m a bit of a paradox. Honesty is my virtue and vice. I’m passionate about everything connected with art/creative. I’m ambitious and open to learning; I`m balanced and natural. what else ? You can discover the rest on your own! Life is a wonderful journey and I’d like to share it with

Maybe with you ? 

11:06 AM Feb 16 2008

twista 1

life we are like pencils in the hands of the creater life has its ups and downs so as the more u live the more u learn i wish to be a very close friend of yours

12:00 PM Dec 12 2007



keep hoping!

keep smiling!

keep treasuring every single happy moment in your life!

enjoy every sunbeam and every rain!