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May 15, 2008

How can the situation be so serious.The death toll maybe will climbe  by 50000,i really can't believe this figure!!!I want to cry!!!Actually,i have cried many times when i see the horrible scence at the picturs. 

What can we do to help the earthquake sufferers?

Donate our money as much as possible.Our classmates have donate 1000 RMb to the disaster distric.On the other hand,i decite to donate blood as many people have done.

What have you done for the victims who are sufferring the horrible nature disaster?What can you do for them?Pelease give your warm hands to them,they really need your help!!!

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12:51 PM May 16 2008



I saddens me greatly to see those images on television.
I am sure my dear friend, you are able to overcome the disaster.
Because China is a strong and you great people.
I pray you good and safety, peace and love always.
I hop you and your family are okay.
accept me all the love and respect.
And sincere condolences to both died in this disaster.
         cry I cry with you.
                                      dreamy peace

10:20 PM May 15 2008


Saudi Arabia

may God be with them ....

best wishes