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Only life...

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Russian Federation

August 21, 2008

For the whole world-you're somebody,but for somebedy-you're the whole world... You will ask me:what do you love more ME or LIFE? I will answer:life. And you will go away and you will not know that you're-life.. Do you know,why i love you so much? Because i can't live otherwise... Fruendship-it's love without wings... If you love somebody,you wish him only happiness... If you love somebody,you can find in his happiness your own...

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12:06 AM Jul 14 2009


United States

wow, hope and love can be like a ball and chain unconditionaly,  dont dream : you are in no ones hurry: plain your work and work your plain.

Zen : birds eye veiw

05:28 PM Aug 21 2008

nice simon
Syrian Arab Republic

I have felt with your felling,cause without life we're nothing at all and with frinds you has every thing,finally, if you're in love will seem as a real queen