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diary of 2008

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March 27, 2008

  it is cloudytoday.    so bad. i like sunshine day.

 where are my friend on ebaby. it seemed that they are so busy to keep in touch. i shouted Ayaka , but she has not heard me.  oh..  heart-broken again. but i like to make new friends too.just honest friend.

   i will go to the dentist  today.my god. the toothache really kill me. it will be good sonner , kick it out of my mouth.. i told u am in love with a guy. yeah, we had a good talk last night. hehe, he is really humor. he will back home on Apr. so i am preparing for the date. am looking forward to that day..

   fighting.   iam watching a korean show.. romantic, my favor.


see ya


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09:58 AM May 14 2008




09:13 AM Apr 18 2008



Hi,Linda!! How's doin'?

It's me,Ayaka from Japan:) It has been long time since we last talked!!I'm so sorry that I couldn't ...I'd love to talk to u!!and I missed u badly:D

I'm very glad to hear that u're doing good in life and also love:)How was the date with him?XD

U know,this spring vacation,I was planing to visit China,but I couldn't because of my personal reasons,so after graduating from high and entering university,I'm sure that I'll go and learn there so I'll be very glad if u give me some info about China:)

Unfortunately,i don't think that I can come more often than I used to,but please remember that I'll never froget about my friends and I'll be happy if u forgive my rudeness... 

I must feel thankful to god to let me meet such great friends like you♪

u know,u r my best friend here:)

oh,my bad habit appeared..I wrote too much...sorryX0 Anyway,I wish everything will be wonderful to u:)

Best wishes,


09:52 PM Mar 30 2008



u really fall in love with a guy ! however congratulations ! hope u can get ur true love ! (several days no visiting e-baby , just know this information , isnt too late to congratulate u ?)

11:41 AM Mar 28 2008


hi da nice profine.............be a friend....take care