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January 10, 2008

1.chinese wear red at weedings and putup red lanterns for festivals because red is traditionally a lucky color.(nothing about communism)

2.Yin-young represent balance. In chinese philosophy, yin(moon)is the passive, cold female force.Yang(sun)is the masculine force, representing movement and heat.

3.Taoism.It's a traditional chinese philosophy.Taoism, or"The Way",is the natural order, or the force that flows through all living things. The principal Taoist ethic is called Wu-wei, or no-action,meaning to seek equilibrium and balance.

4.The dargon is the symbol of china.china often consider themselves"the descendants of the dargon".To chinese, the dragon is a sacred animal and worshipped everywhere.It represents power, strength and good fortune.(not as a threatening creature)

5.Fengshui is about locating and arranging your home so you can live in harmony with your environment. The harmony will allow good "qi",the engery of life, to float around your home. Everyone who lives there will benefitm bringing them good fortune and luck............

Chinese culture is a kind of  profound knowledge,just cannt write it all out.

Stay bless!

11:36 PM Jul 15 2008

United States

WOOW,am impressed with this article.keep it up.All the best in everything you do.