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July 24, 2007

I worked overtime today, though all colleagues had gone to their home.

I was making a program which was written in Perl and was the module to write a log. I did my best, but it took much time. 

So, I'm tired. Please encourage me :-p

July 20, 2007

I left my cell phone in the house today. Before I go out from my bed, I had used it there. 

My cell phone must be in my bed. I'm sad.

05:35 PM Jul 22 2007



Hi, "hiratara".

Thanks for your comment .

You are right.

"Ma-po tofu" is really delicious.

But I don't know how to cook it  yet.

I'll try it some day.

01:46 AM Jul 21 2007



 Thank you for your reply,hiratara !

my English is  very poor, we can speak English  and improve our English together.Also, We can discuss about computers,too. ;)

I like C# very much. but i'm not good at it !

if you would like ,you can contact me from my MSN adsress,It is : yanfeisyt@hotmail.com

July 20, 2007

I want to speak English!

I'm Japanese and I think to speak English is very difficult for me. so I must practice more and more.

I wonder if I can write blog in English. I try it. I do my best.