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August 11, 2012

Here I am! After a long long time I've found the password of Ebaby! :)

To be sincer I haven't missed ebaby because I've been so busy.

It's raining now and it's very good to refresh the air and plants.At 8.00 pm I've seen a very beautiful sunset while I was coming back home, but I hadn't the time to pick up my photocamera and immortalize the moment.

A laptop can change your life and so my new laptop did with me, a swee ago.it is very handy because I can surf the net lying on the sofa. I can see photos, edit them, share them, chat with friends on facebook, expecially in this period :)

I also decided to love myself concretely. I deleted the sentences "I'm shy", "I'm bad at doing this or that", "it's not ofr me", "I hate everybody". I left my walls behind me. Now I feel light and free and HAPPY. I can't believe that i can say "I'm happy"! I'm so proud of the changes I've been through. I'm so proud of myself. I love myself. YOU CAN BE WHOEVER YOU WANT IF YOU BELIEVE IT... it's sound so good that I touched this with my hands :)

Hey Hey hey! I haven't neglected my body. Soul and Body are connected. If you feel good with your mind, taing care of your body can help you to feel higher. Taking care of your hair, your face, your skin is very helpful. Taking care of yourself so that you can watch yourself when you wake up and saying "Goodmornig Gorgeous" is so satisfaying! You must try it, and don't feel that you can't do that :)

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