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September 3, 2013

Rarely it happends that I listen to a very very good love song. I don't do it very often because then I realize that I'm surrounded by stupid situations. And when you've listened to that song for the 7th time your walls falls down and feel weak. You realize that what you want happends only once, not a second possibility, that' how I feel now, I would like to be a different person to meet more friends but inside you don't like the other kind of poeple so much, so I prefer to spend my freet time doing something fruitful and spend with the person you really like, but when they can't go out you've been captured one again, immediately, by another beautiful but sad song, or otherwise by a song that tells you outspokenly that you don't feel so good.

The moral of the story is not to listen to sad music, do it only if you want to cry to get rid of your stress. Infact I've written somehting stupid that in a week I won't understand because my way to see things will be clearer.

P.S. Last three text lines to justify the first ten text lines.  Oh the songs which made me think were by hilimoni and the titles are Dicono di te, Non mi stanco mai and Buonissimo profumo. 

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View all entries from kotori's space >