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September 4, 2010

May someone thinks If I got mad asking such type of question. Well, one might be right in one's thinking,but If we take a bit longer and think; we must realize that question is genuine. Friends look around, what's happening around us, rape,murder, racial discrimination, and internationally, powerful is suppressing weak. Isn't this a law of jungle, even worst than it, because they are animals; don't have mind to think with,irrational, only know about their three basic instincts, sex, hunger, and quench their thirst. My friends aren't we going on this way...so what would be the destination; just death and nothing else, or some thing after it would be, and if it would be, so what would become of us? Because It has been scientifically proven that God made this world on purpose. May I get some answer to this from someone, please.

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11:53 AM Dec 13 2010

Mazhar Farooq

I think it's reality. we must need some sulotions.God given us complete life,But we are not belive. if we realized then try to found this peace way very soon then we will be going in depth of trubles.the way which we forgoten must be remember.... it.s around us we don't have that eyes & mind who show & feel us... continueing