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Here comes Buddy

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C h D r i s

United Kingdom

September 23, 2013

I have an on going theory that life is an illusion, like as humans we only see what we want to see and no one else actually exists were all just in a dream like state but to numb the fact that were alone on a planet, we create vivid places and people and live lifes as if there’s other things than just us out there, and every conversation we have are just fragments of our imagination and cannot be proved to be actual conversations because the other person is just a part of the brains imagination as well, is that weird?

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07:59 AM Sep 23 2013



We live as if we were in a dream while the death leads to another dream.

07:24 AM Sep 23 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yeah thats not weird and that isnt your idea or theory, maybe you have read about the holographic universe somewhere before or you have to read about that to know more!!