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Here comes Buddy

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C h D r i s

United Kingdom

November 23, 2013

Nostalgia is such a mysterious thing, sometimes I hate it. I hate the feelings it brings to mind. I hate that small things can trigger it, even the happy times seem sad because they are so far gone. You get that feeling of being there at that exact moment. You are there for a split second and sometimes it can go just as quickly as it came or sometimes it sticks with you for a while, because it hit you so fast that it disarmed you. You weren’t ready for it so you ponder on it for a while almost like you want to just keep yourself in that flashback. I hate it but I also love it … strange

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09:50 PM Nov 29 2013

Russian Federation

in our memory we have a lot of negative moments,but if we forget them, we forget all good moments,because good and bad are always together.