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September 26, 2010

" We will never ever know how good we are, if we don' t have it a try." by Tian


Back to Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It was lucky, or may be not. I saw a small poster when I was passing by a bulletin board, which was about a Badminton Team Tryout.

"it's a good chance for me," I was thinking," they may need me as new blood."

So, I made a call.

" Hi, this is Terry, I saw the tryout of Badminton team, and I am interested in it. So, can I come tomorrow night?", I said.

" well, you're welcome to be here, but we have cut 12 people out of 20, so.....", He responsed on the other side of the phone,

But I didn't think it over, and I said," thanks, sir! I will be there. See you then."

It was a long time until Wenesday evening, and I was so excited because it's my first time doing this kind of thing.



In the Gym

I was only person who wear glasses, without bringing my own racket.

Once the tryout began, it was crazy. We did shuttle runs, running and jumping, depth squats, and so on

It was just fifteen-minute warming up, but it almost killed me!

Then, I played badminton with a partner; however, I was already tired out.

My stomach kept churning. It was so terrible.

Finally, ...................

You probably have known what happened to me, Haha!

The only good thing was I tried "it" out, that I am not good at palying badminton.

Most importantly, I didn't feel bad since I gave it a try.

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