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Viet Nam

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November 29, 2009

Graduation paper is anything, but easy...

November 10, 2009

I've waited for you for two years.

In two years' time, what did you do and did you achieve a goal? Have you ever felt tired and wanted to give in?  You're so ambitious, darling.

And I now wonder where am I in such a mess of your life? I ask myself why I had to do such a nonsene thing?

You might think two years are such a short time like a wind or a shower, but for me, it hasn't been easy.

Thanks for two years, I am now awaken, really step out of the long tiring dream.

I actually have so many things to do instead of standing still and waiting for you. When I had you, I thought I had everything. I almost forgot many things valuable around me. I was mistaken...

It's high time to say good bye. Tomorrow I will go without you... Anyway, tomorrow is another day!



10:42 AM Nov 10 2009

Saudi Arabia

nice words:)

10:04 AM Nov 10 2009



I really loved that..Keep going girl !