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March 21, 2012

Never blame anyone in life.
Good people give happiness, 
Bad people give experiences,
Worst people give a lesson,
Best people give memories...

10:06 AM Mar 29 2014



What do I think...

I don't devide people on best, worst, bad and good. I just try not to notice bad things people do. And won't call them for that teachers for giving me "a lesson". Think about. A person hurt you and you thank him/her for giving you a lesson or experience. C'mon! Isn't it too much. And it's not healthy! If a person hurt you once, I'll try to ignore it, but if he does it again and again, I leave, just without a lesson, just without experience but with the thinking that really people are different, not necessarirly bad or good but there're some psychopaths and to play with them, you'll always lose. Why? Because they don't have feelings. Their nervous system is different, not the same. They're having fun for seeing somebody's suffering. Weird, eh? Take it as a disability, as a sickness, as abnormality and you're not a doctor to let that person having fun at your cost. And they're not bad or worst, just sick. That's how I look at this issue.

02:34 AM Jul 29 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It's real.I blieve it.

02:01 PM Mar 31 2012



absolutly true ...thx for sharing 

05:40 AM Mar 23 2012


Czech Republic

That´s true...

10:38 AM Mar 21 2012


What a real entry. Cheer Up! Thanks for the post.

January 21, 2012

When I’m right no one remember. but when I’m wrong no one forget.

08:24 AM Jan 21 2012



it seem like the NBA player lebron james ,when he lead the tean to win those games everybody say -of course ,that is what he should do ,but when the team lose that game ,oh ,punishment from everywhere ~~~i think that is the same with what u say ~~BTW,nice to know u as my friend,i hope we can chat with each on msn or skype , would u mind ??my msn is  yaoanan52@live.cn ,if u have time add me Smile

January 5, 2012

When you keep saying you are busy…then you are never free. When you keep saying you have no time… then you will never have time.                                                                                        When you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow… then your tomorrow will never come.!!!!!!!!!!!

07:46 AM Jan 09 2012



yes that's right ^^  thanks girl !!  peace

07:52 AM Jan 05 2012



Amazingly put, you said so much in so little words.

I will use this with the very next person I catch procrastinating


Thanks for sharing!!