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May 29, 2008


Courage was the choice to be vulnerable.  Courage is what I manifested when I plunged into life.  Courage was what I felt when I risked looking silly, being construed or rejected, or having people angry at me.  Now, as I started mustering the courage to take such risks, I noticed that it really felt good! 

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View all entries from my "reflections" blog >

07:02 AM Jun 28 2008

Sri Lanka

HI friend

 this is great. Indeed I agree with you and its really true. but I think when you talk about courage, courage to what purpose matters. Even terrorists have courage. so it make sense and value if you use your courage for something worth, valuable to you or/ and to others which bring peace, happiness or growth.

I  too have experienced it always gives us a feeling of pleasure. your definition of courage is also attractive. so friend thank you for your valuable insight.


tharindu from sri lanka