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February 11, 2008

i really shoudl be doing my hw lol 



i felt great when i woke up in the mornig today its so unusual i always feel terrible on monday morning

 i went to school and came straight back to home then i went to korean supermarket with my mom n brother

there was a man who is selling sweetpotatos right next to the enterance i got two of the potaoes it was only a dollar 

while me n muy mom were shopping my brother went to a liquor store near the supermarket and he bought me a kirsch for me i needed it for baking cherry cake 

way back home we stopped by the world market to buy a wine rack but we coulnt find it and gave up

it was first time i went to that store i kinda like it

and we finally got home then we had dinner  

then we watched movie


"Grondhogs day" it was pretty funny   


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05:27 AM Feb 12 2008



You see, everyone hope to have a normal and happy life,may the peace goddness bless the people both in China and Japan.

by the way,most chinese people like your country.not as the news reported.Laughing