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a smile can change the world

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a pretty girl~lisa

South Korea

May 6, 2008

oh ya!!!

 today i finished my big exam!!!^^

although there was a troble.....


after the exam,阿傑 高能 羊咩 堂 阿陞 and  i went to taipei to go shopping,see a movie as well as have a lunch!!!

originally, we didn't know where we should go first,nevertheless,we decided to go to taipei.after arriving,we had a lunch!after having a lunch, we drew the wall wildly. u know, we could drew the wall which we could express everything!!!!sounds great!!!isn't  it?


and then,we saw a movie!!!in the begining, we thought this movie was very terrible,however,it's a bad movie!!!nonetheless, i enjoyed the time we sat together  [高能 阿陞 阿傑 我 羊咩 堂 ]ˊˇˋ


what a wonderful day!!!!

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