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August 26, 2009

Fame brings celebrity and high regard from adoring and loyal fans in each field of endeavor and it is heady stuff. A performer can easily come to believe that he or she is as good as his or her press. But most people, most artists do not gain fame and fortune. What about those performers who fail, or anyone who fails? Curiously enough, failure often serves as its own reward for many people! It brings symphathy from others who are delighted not to be you, and it allows family and friends to lower their expectations of you so that you need not compete wiht those who have more telent and who succeed. And they find excuses and explainations for your inabilty to succeed and become famous: your are so sensitive, you are not interested in money, you are not interested in the power that fame brings and you are not interested in the loss of privacy it demands, etc.-all excuses. but comforting to those who fail and those who pretend not to notice the failure.

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August 26, 2009

I have my english blog today, i will write passage in english everyday. it is really good for me! it will help me study more about enlish and all the other countries!

i believe i can study well. welcome all the friends to guide me , help me! thank you!