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tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

April 1, 2012

Hi everyone!

I received this question from an Ebaby member, and thought it would be helpful to post the answer to everyone.

Here is the question, and my answer follows:

Hi Heather, if you don't mind i want to ask you a question, if i have this sentence:
Our...... today is the Beef Wellington.

a) specialty
b) special
c) specialist
d) specially
which one should i choose and why???

Great question.

The correct choice is B, special, which is a restaurant term that simply means a fresh, exciting entree featured on that particular day.

A waitress or waiter will say, "Hi, our specials today are lobster salad, French onion soup and spaghetti and meatballs."

Special is both a noun and an adjective. In your sentence it serves as a noun. As an adjective it is used in the typical sense, such as "He is a special person..."

Specialty is also a noun, and refers to a preferred or optional thing or service. As a teacher, my specialty is teaching non-native English speakers how to improve their speaking, reading and writing skills.

A specialist is a person who has a particular specialty or skill. If a person has a heart disease, a general doctor will send that person to a heart specialist who specializes in cardiac disease.

Specially is an adverb, and means "for a particular purpose, something distinct." For example, a specially made coat would be a coat that is unique somehow. Perhaps it's made of a luxurious fabric, or has been specially made to fit a specific person's body.
For someone's birthday, a loved one might make a dinner specially for that person. Instead of a regular, boring meal the person might be treated to an exciting dish that takes extra time to prepare.

I hope people like this one and thank you for asking a great question. Keep them coming!


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11:38 PM Apr 06 2012

Irene Forever




06:09 AM Apr 02 2012

Irene Forever

Have a wonderful week, dear Heather.:)