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November 4, 2007

do you like good chats, me to please talk to me and we can practice english and have a good time!!

In my country serious climate problems are happening , like changes in the temperatures this summer has been the most hot and dry in years in fac we're having a danger drought, and we are expecting a cool winter.Cry

  • whats hapening in your country?

08:27 AM Nov 05 2007



Different people will see things differently so my friend we must not be selfish about the fesitivals or such ocassions there r thousands of people who enjoy it but somehow if we cannot enjoy then we have no right what so ever to stop people from enjoying it. You too can enjoy these festivals if you truely want. Life is yours to enjoy no matter what. Remember we r given this opportunity of life once only so why not live it to the fullest, but in such a way that our enjoyment should not hurt other human beings.

02:46 PM Nov 04 2007



so  do I