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January 4, 2010

Many people ask the same question and the answer is no secret.
In order to speak English well people need to speak English more.
You need to do as much as you can to learn and perfect your skills.

Many people tell me that they want to speak English well but then when I ask what they are doing to achieve this, they say something like,

"...I read English books and I have DVD's in English too, but I don't have much time to study".

I think the main problem is that people want something for nothing.

If you want to speak English well, then you are probably well aware of the difficulties of doing so. For foreigners, learning to speak English well can be especially difficult since many native English speakers don't use correct English. However, for those who do speak English well, foreigner or not, the rewards can be large. Read below to learn how to improve your spoken English.

What are you DOING to learn English or to speak English well?

Here are some ideas to get you going.

1. Assess your level of spoken English. Those at a beginning English level will have different content in their study plan than someone at an advanced English level. The first step to learning to speak English well is making an honest assessment of where you are.

  1. Look for free online English tutorials. There is a tremendous amount of free English lessons aimed at improving your spoken English.

  2. Practice your spoken English with a native English speaker. However, make sure that this native English speaker can speak English well too! This isn't always the case. If you hear double negatives or a lot of slang, consider getting another native English practice partner.

  3. Practice your spoken English at home. Talk through normal tasks that you usually complete in silence. You might even want to try to teach a sibling, parent, or child about what you learned that day. The more that you review and practice, the more easily you will be able to speak English well.

  4. Listen to magazine and newspaper recordings in English. If the recording is from a well-established newspaper or magazine, you will likely hear very good English. Try to understand what is being said, and then repeat what you hear. Practicing this will help you speak English well too

Quick tips

Various versions of the English language exist. Begin by identifying the category you fall into and start by improving the clarity of your speech.

~ Focus on removing the mother tongue influence and the 'Indianisms' that creep into your English conversations.

~ Watch the English news on television channels like Star World, CNN, BBC and English movies on Star Movies and HBO.

~ Listen to and sing English songs. We'd recommend Westlife, Robbie Williams, Abba, Skeeter Davis and Connie Francis among others.

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