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July 21, 2010

omg~ too hot....unbelievable...i don wanna go outside......but i wanna go home...... I hate japanese summer.....

I've been thinking this Summer is probably the last one for me.....

it'S the end of July now, n Im sure it'l be hotter than it is.......

 and i don think i can survive the burning summer.......

r there any good place???cool and peaceful....

 maybe the best place is college liblary????i love this place.cool n quiet(sometimes noisy....)

 lately,I've been studying for my English exam. I'm gonna take it this

saturday......lots of words to learn.....never be prepared.........

how'S the weather in ur countries??????


03:48 AM Jul 22 2010



Aha~I never went to japan~So maybe I can't imagine what you said~

China is hot too in these days!!

I hope I can go to Japan in one day!To see the view in this counry and appreciate the culture !

Bye the way,I love Yamashita tomohisa!

May 6, 2010

wow,i've just noticed that i've been awake for about 2days.......

 it's long, is it??????

 my eyes,,,,,,heavy.......almost closed,but  i'm still not allowed to go to the bed,

 u no....I've got a task.......but I could think positively.


how come??????this is the new record for me to keep awake,bad for health,though



anyway.......I don' feel too bad--/ even better right now




May 5, 2010

what's up,everybody????

I'm from Japan, and this is my first blog.

I've just started this cuz I just felt I wanted to do right now^^

 So I don't know how long I could keep writin'!!!!!

 perhaps,this could be the last one?????who knows^^

 anyway, it's about 4 am in Japan.

 what am I doin'??? I'm writing my report.........

japanese people had a week off, and it's jst gone

 maybe some has been upset finishin' their homework o somethin' like that^^;

 alright, will back to my work^^