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The sky of Yvonne



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March 26, 2009

Today is a busy day which always enables me  to dig a

hole.. to hide it.

the same day just like before ...

i have had a plan in my mind,i must change my life to enrich..

but up to now ...

i still stand at the begin...

it seems that i haven't a accurate aim to achieve..

"Time and tide wait for no man."

telling us to seize the day...

no one can predict what will happen tomorrow..

only by enhancing myself ,doing the right things at right time..


this thoughts just like the old who will say to junior generation..

my friends usually tell me :  you'r so sophisticated..

it's a good things or not ... haha

enhancing the university is happiness..

i met good friends,roomates,teachers ...

they are so funny that always make me laugh out loud...

they also are the best listener for me not merely in pain but also

in felicity...

i appreciate them which always give me encouragement, love

when i am in helpless..

i consist of acknowledge ...

i want to  be grateful them who are the angel from the

heaven. Tongue out