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September 17, 2007

Hi, fellas!

How r u doing?

This is my first time for creating a blog in this website.

I just want to share with u a lil' bit about my experience learning English.

Last time, when I was in junior high school, I was very lazy to study English. I thought English was one of the difficult languages. I never had any interests to improve my skill. Besides, at that time, I thought that eventhought I could not speak English well, I was still be able to converse with other people by using my first language, which is Indonesian.

One day, one of my father's best friend came from Australia. He stayed in my house for a few weeks. Then I just amazed with my dad. How come it looked like so easy for him speaking with his friend by using English. Even my brother also tried to communicate althought just a lil' bit. But at least, he could do it. Meanwhile, I was just so quite and smiled with no reasons everytime they talked about something because I knew nothing. How dumb I was! I was envy with them.

Therefore, i realized that English is important as a global language. I imagined how many friends I could have if I could speak English. I could widen my circle of friends. That is true!

Now, I am studying in Singapore, one of the English speaking countries in South East Asia. My study here helps me a lot to improve my English skill. I met so many friends and I am happy with that! I know I have not been an expert yet! But I will try to reach my goal. I just believe in my self, one day, it will be so easy to me speaking English. Not only know how to speak or write or listen, but also pronunce it in a proper way.

So for u all who are learning English now, don't give up! I am still learning also. And just make it as something fun!

I have so many friends from China. I know, it is very difficult for them to study English because they have totally different structures of language, in their pronunciations as well as their writing skills. But trust me, u must be can do it because in fact, there were a lot of my China friends could overcome their obstacles finally.

So, happy studying!

Hope we can exchange infos or anything each other!

Cheers! Smile

Venz Fort Aloys

02:01 AM Sep 18 2007



 I have oly little time to write this comment, but I want to do it before I leave my workplace for home. I like what you wrote on your blog. I like English very much. My English is not good. So I really want to practice it. Can you help me? I'm Wendy, from Thailand.