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June 24, 2011

Listening to the song,

Dreaming about you.

Is this the way I'll able to meet you,

Not at all,

Why song touch us so deeply like telling a truth

It makes pain

It gets drop like your leaving me

To adjust it I play another

I changed one more

But nothing getting changed,

I stick tight

It grows more

I should better think other

No I can't stop this

This is hell this is sweet

I wonder every one feels same

Of course I am thinking about her

She hates me

She is so lovely

But I am bad

I think she should be happy

Please get her good one who loves her very mad

Cares about her

Think about her

And pray about her every minute

And me may be the last girl she was

If I will able to fight this life

I will always think about her

Enough no more thought

Lonely don't talk

I love to be lonely with her.

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