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November 6, 2009

Getting started...

 I have always felt like writing something since I joined here. I don't know the reason. Maybe I want people to get to know more about what I am. To be honest, yet I don't know who I am. I'm still trying to find the sense of my existence.

Why was I born? What was I designed for? If we're on Earth, then we're supposed to do something, right? Otherwise we wouldn't be here. Have you thought about the things you do? Do you think they are the right ones? I dream about doing so many things. But I'm afraid of falling miserably. Someone once told me, "Don't feel bad about falling and making mistakes. It's part of the proccess of learning". I do know. Sometimes it hurts to recognize you're wrong. There it goes a part of your pride. I don't see myself in a couple years. What will I be doing? What will I have become? I'm facing a dilemma: my existence.

I understand your present is a direct consequence of your past and your future is a direct consequence of your present. I mean, what you are doing right now. Are you aware? Many times I tried to argument based on wrong ideas. "I'm too young to start making up a future". "Then, when are you doing it? Older?" Replied my mom. I hate when she's right. Again I say it, I'm afraid, afraid of future. Perhaps I don't want to accept the idea I'm growing up. Maybe, deep inside me, there's a child who doesn't want to accept responsibilities and deal with such great stuff. Time to start. Time to change. If not now, when?

03:36 AM Jun 02 2010


Ha ha. Your future is very confused?  i want to make a friend with u.

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02:15 AM Nov 07 2009

Viet Nam

We can know that time when we see about our past. It means we grew.

Nice weekend.