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May 21, 2008

Mom,don`t cry,I`m going to Heaven.


Mom,don`t cry,I`m going to Heaven.

Along with the bang of the earthquake,

I see you are sitting at the noisy playground

And burst out crying  


Mom,don`t cry ,I`m going to Heaven

All the stars on the sky are your tears,

I`m not homless in the dark,

I`m singing with my class hand in hand.


Mom don’t cry,I`m going to Heaven

But I can`t give up my dreams,

Please help me keep my beautiful schoolbag

Now ,I can hear sisters` reading aloud with books in the ruins

Mom ,don’t cry ,I`m going to Heaven

But I can`t wait for the green military uniform

I want to finish my homework

I like the blakeboard,books and classroom


I don’t want to leave .

And I love you,dear Mom


06:35 AM May 21 2008



i'm so sad .  THE earthquake so terrible .  it's made a lot of people became homelessness and lost their parents .Cry i hope this earthquake not to happen again .

November 24, 2007

Qingyijiang Riverhere ,now,it`s in autumn in my study city,yaan.

      It`s a realy beautiful place,here.

      Two years ago,i went here to begin my collagelife.I fell in love with the place at  the first sight.It is a land that far away with factoris,noise,dust and so on.

    The sun shining with obstacle.And the mountions surround  the city,and a limpidity Qingyijiang river flew across the city.

     It is also famous for its green tea producted in Mengding mountaion which is a high and beautiful mountain.

      There are three good cultures here ,we called it "three ya cultures",which includes yanv,yayu and yayu.

    yanv is the beautiful girls borned and grow up in yaan.All the girls here are beautiful because its bracing climate.

     Yayu is the daintiness delicious fish in the Qingyijiang river.Its very supernatural.

      YaYu   is the rich rainfall here.It is more than the other cities in China.and make the climate fresh.

     I like to study here.

06:23 AM Nov 24 2007

blue sky2007

hi I`m a chiness boy  and my hometown is ziyang  sichuan  i think  you know  yes?   yaan is in sichuan  so...

i think ...i  want to make more  friends aroud the  world  and  my English  is  bad  so  i want  make friend  with  you  ok?