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November 24, 2007

By Dana Hudepohl

Literally,what you eat can affect the quality of your complexion.The following

are the foods that cam fight some common skin problems:


Sun Damage Eat: Yellow and orange fruit and vegetables. A diet packed with produce can help prevent the sun’s ill effects on the skin.The antioxidants vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin C act like natural sunscreens in the body.


Bruising Eat:Dark green leafy vegetables,such as spinach.These vegetables are abundant with vitamin K-essential for normal blood clotting-and vitamin C,key in wound healing.


Wrinkling Eat: Olive oil,almonds,brown rice.These foods are loaded with vitamin E,which helps protect the skins cell membranes.A recent Australian study of 453 seniors found that people who ate foods like vegetables,beans,whole grains and olive oil had the fewest wrinkles.

Thin Skin Eat:Whole grain cereals,seafood,garlic.The selenium in these foods preserves tissue elasticity,slows aging and protects against the sun.In one study,supplementing copper,selenium and vitamins resulter in a lower number of sunburned cells after exposure.

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10:41 PM Nov 24 2007


that's great though some words i can not understand what they meant. nice to meet you .