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Crossing Culture

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March 10, 2008

Each society has its own beliefs, attitudes, customs, behaviors, and social habits. These give people a sense of who they are, how they are supposed to behave, and what they should or should not do.

People become conscious of such rules when they meet people from different cultures. For example, the rules about when to eat vary from culture to culture. Many North Americans and Europeans organize their timetables around three mealtimes a day. In other countries, on the other hand, it's not the custom to have strict rules like this - people eat when they want to, and every family has its own timetable.

When people visit or live in a country for the first time, they are often surprised at the differences that exist between their own culture and the culture in the other country. For some people, traveling abroad is the thing they enjoy most in life; for others, though, cultural differences make them feel uncomfortable, frightened, or even insecure. This is known as "culture Shock"

When you are visiting a foreign country. it is important to understand and appreciate cultural differences. This can help people avoid misunderstandings, develop frienships more easily, and feel more comfortable when traveling or living abroad 

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11:40 PM Nov 27 2009



You are totally right !!!!!


It s amazing, when ppl visit an other country but don t be informed about the "specialities" there.

When I have visited a new country, I haven t been before, I bought some books, red them and than I was able to avoid bigger mistakes.

I always try to be like a "guest " in that country, not an emperor, like many ppl do.They have in their mind, Oh, I pay the  money, so I do what I want. that habit is really stupid.

I work like a consultant for German Gov sometimes, have to visit countries far away, I love this job, because have a chance to see that country not like a tourist, I m  able to have a chance to see the reality of life.

Also when I go across, meet friends from English baby and discover with them their homeland. I did it 3x  and I loved all visits. That s the best - beside learning english - what ebaby can do.

06:16 AM Mar 10 2008



yeah ,I agree.we have three meals a day. Nice to be your friend.