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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

November 9, 2013

Sometime between the years 1310-1325 a.d. or 712-727 A.H. The most probable date is either 1320, or 1325 a.d.

Shiraz, in South-central Iran



Hafiz or Hafez (a title given to those who had memorized the Koran by heart. It is claimed that Hafiz had done this in fourteen different ways).

Full Title

Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad Hafiz-s Shirazi
Other variations of spelling are:
Khwajeh Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafez-e Shirazi,
or Khwaje Shams ud-Din Mohammed Hafiz-e Shirazi




He had two older brothers


Hafiz married in his twenties, even though he continued his love for Shakh-e Nabat, as the manifest symbol of her Creator's beauty.


Hafiz had one child.


Important EventsTeens

He had memorized the Koran by listening to his father's recitations of it. He also had memorized many of the works of his hero, Saadi, as wells as Attar, Rumi and Nizami.


His father who was a coal merchant died, leaving him and his mother with much debt. Hafiz and his mother went to live with his uncle (also called Saadi). He left day school to work in a drapery shop and later in a bakery.

Age 21
(1341 ad)

While still working at the bakery, Hafiz delivered bread to a wealthy quarter of town and saw Shakh-e Nabat, a young woman of incredible beauty. Many of his poems are addressed to Shakh-e Nabat.

Age 21

In pursuit of reaching his beloved, Hafiz kept a forty day and night vigil at the tomb of Baba Kuhi. After successfully attaining this, he met Attar and became his disciple.

Early twenties to early thirties

Became a poet of the court of Abu Ishak. Gained much fame and influence in Shiraz. This was the phase of "Spiritual Romanticism" in his poetry.

Age 33

Mubariz Muzaffar captured Shiraz, and among his various deeds, he ousted Hafiz from his position of teacher of Koranic studies at the college. At this time he wrote protest poems.

Age 38

Shah Shuja took his tyrant father as prisoner, and re-instated Hafiz as a teacher at the college. He began his phase of subtle spirituality in his poetry.

Early forties

Falling out of favor with Shah Shuja.

Age 48

Hafiz fled Shiraz for his safety, and went into self-imposed exile in Isfahan. His poems mainly talk of his longing for Shiraz, for Shakh-e Nabat, and for his spiritual Master, Attar (not the famous Farid-uddin Attar of Neishabour - who predates Hafiz by a couple of centuries - but the lesser known Attar of Shiraz).

Age 52

By invitation of Shah Shuja, he ended his exile and returned to Shiraz. He was re-instated to his post at the College.

Age 60

Longing to be united with his Creator, he began a forty day and night vigil by sitting in a circle that he had drawn himself.

Age 60

On the morn of the fortieth day of his vigil, which was also on the fortieth anniversary of meeting his Master Attar, he went to his Master, and upon drinking a cup of wine that Attar gave him, he attained Cosmic Consciousness or God-Realization.


In this phase, up to the age of 69 when he died, he composed more than half of his ghazals., and continued to teach his small circle of disciples. His poetry at this time, talk with the authority of a Master who is united with God.




Rose petals let us scatter

 And fill the cup with red wine

 The firmaments let us shatter

 And come with a new design


If sorrow's soldiers incite

 To shed lovers' blood tonight

 With beloved I will unite

 And his foundations malign


Pour the red wine with control

 Like rose-water into the bowl

 While fragrant breeze will roll

 And sweet incense refine


With a harp on display

 We ask the players to play

 While clapping we sing and say

 And dancing, our heads decline


Blow our dust O gentle breeze

 And throw at the Master's knees

 The Good King has the keys

 While we glance at the sign


One boasts & brags with his mind

 One weaves talks of idle kind

 All the judgment that we find

 Let the Judge weigh and define


If Eden is what you need

 To the tavern let us speed

 The jug of wine let us heed

 And Paradise will be thine


Merry songs and fair speech

 In Shiraz they do not teach

 Another land let us reach

 Hafiz, and then we shine


بیا تا گـل برافـشانیم و می در ساغر اندازیم

 فـلـک را سقـف بـشـکافیم و طرحی نو دراندازیم

 اگر غـم لـشـکر انـگیزد کـه خون عاشـقان ریزد

 مـن و ساقی بـه هـم تازیم و بـنیادش براندازیم

 شراب ارغوانی را گـلاب اندر قدح ریزیم

 نـسیم عـطرگردان را شـکر در مـجـمر اندازیم

 چو در دست است رودی خوش بزن مطرب سرودی خوش

 کـه دسـت افشان غزل خوانیم و پاکوبان سر اندازیم

 صـبا خاک وجود ما بدان عالی جـناب انداز

 بود کان شاه خوبان را نـظر بر مـنـظر اندازیم

 یکی از عـقـل می‌لافد یکی طامات می‌بافد

 بیا کاین داوری‌ها را بـه پیش داور اندازیم

 بـهـشـت عدن اگر خواهی بیا با ما بـه میخانـه

 کـه از پای خـمـت روزی بـه حوض کوثر اندازیم

 سـخـندانی و خوشـخوانی نـمی‌ورزند در شیراز

 بیا حافـظ کـه تا خود را بـه مـلـکی دیگر اندازیم



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


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