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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

September 8, 2014

شعرهای مولانا به صربستان هم رسید

Jalal-al-Din Mohammad Balkhi Rumi Rumi, and known as the Roman and is

He is one of the most famous Iranian poets.

. He was a longtime history of Sufism and the conduct and not because of conflict and debate and real knowledge and wisdom in the esoteric truth knew not in verbal and verbal disputes and discussions, his words and struggle with capitalists flag opposed.

Master the secrets of Sultan Muhammad Fakhruddin was khoarzmshah over and others prompted the King against him.

Sultan alalma, probably in the year 610 Ah, Genghis Khan of Balkh with an influx of migration and sworn that sits on the throne, Mohammad khoarzmshah, bazangardd to his city.

It has been a path of travel narrative with Fariddedin  Attar nishapuri also met Attar, Rumi's asrarnameh book to him and praised the gift.

She is going to the Hajj, to Mecca and Baghdad, and then after doing the Hajj rites went to dinner and it was not until late life, and Aladdin Keighobad, sent a letter and invited him to Konya.

Rumi in nineteen years old married with gem Khatun. Sultan alalma in about the year Ah ۶۲۸ dies and was buried in Konya. Jalal al-Din Rumi in the 24 years that he wanted to get his father's followers who filled the place.


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