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March 4, 2011

Tomorrow will be the last day of the winter holiday. New term is coming! It is the third term of the university.I used to make some plans at the beginning of a new term.but it usually can not be done.There're too many reasons for  that.Maybe I am too lazy sometimes.Whatever i choose to do,the most important thing is that I should not waste time .
I hope I can get more knowledge and get stronger.Good luck for my new term!Cool

February 24, 2011

Yesterday I find English Baby.There're many friends here around the world.Andmaybe all of us want to make some friends,especially some friends in other countries .I wish i could find some feiends to learn english together.

First of all,I should introduce myself.I'm from China.And ChangChun is my hometown,which is in the  northeast of China.It is the captical of JiLin Province.
ChangChun held The Sixth Asian Winter Games in 2007.I have never lived in other cities.Now I am a student in JiLin University.My major is plant protection. Like many other Chinese,I love playing table tennis.In my normal life,I have little words most of the time.I don't like speaking in the public.But to a friend ,i would say more.So I have many friends.
OK. What I write above maybe like a composition of a primary schoolboy.There may be some mistakes,that is why I want to improve my English now.
Hope someone can write the message to me,and be a friend with me.


02:47 AM Feb 25 2011

Viet Nam

hi chang chun

i'm a vietnamese student.i have studied english for about 6 years. but now, my english is really not good. maybe i know alot of english vocabularys but when i talk to a american, i feel very confuse. i can't respone english question imediately. 

i see your message, and i think. we should talk each orther. may be by yahoo, skipe.. this will improve our speaking skill.

i've just sent u a email. hope we can be friend, and be professional in english.Laughing

my yahoo: khoai_hut

my skipe: update later.