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November 29, 2007

In the past,I used to be a top student in my senior high school.I was often highly praised by teachers,but I was envied by peers.However,my life changes have taken place in college.I wasn't a top student in college.Becuse there are a lot of talented peers in college.And I was bad at academic performance.So I went from a hero to a zero.Now,I feel tremendous pressure which comes from peers.I realize that the modern times is a competitive society.I must improve myself.

01:10 AM Nov 29 2007


Palestinian Territory, Occupied


i like what did you write in particular "So I went from a hero to a zero".

when I read it, I felt that you were writing about me.

it seems that there is someone who looks like me.

take care 

November 26, 2007

    Today, the college students have many ways to spend money. They may spend money on buying food, phone,books and so on.                                      

November 25, 2007

    I think English is very difficult. But I must learn English.