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March 27, 2007

Close my eyes, and feel your mind .

Time has passed, I walked like a shadow.

 Never knew, what I m going through .

You touched my heart  and take my breath away .

Wispier on the wnd so softly .

Let the bright stars fill our dreams with love

Reach for your hand (Your hand is my key)

And you show me the way. Tonight I feel close to you  

You open my door and light the sky above.

When I needed friend, you are there by my side.

I wish we could stay as one (I wish we could stay forever as one) .

All the tears, that haunt my past .

you promised ,It ll be better tomorrow.

play that song  you and I listened to  and let it gently ease our pain  

tender rain drops from the blue sky  

flowers blooming life s so divine.

like sunlight on a stream (you re holding my key).

you show the world to me

so much love in this beautiful world .

Search for the brightest star in the sky

You will find the meaning of love  

Don t be afraid (Don t be afraid)  

Just be yourself (Just be yourself)

We need this love  I never knew 

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