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April 13, 2012

I typed a long message to other blog, I want chat their habit about book but it couldn't send mine 'cos my message's too long. You know, I'm very so sad. Finally, I make this blog for share in my side. Hope you will share with me too.

Where do u find books???? for me;

1.Book Store, I like go to book store but I don't buy (I just look interesting books).I don't like to go library 'cos there are very old books or they have new books but they're far from my house. (I just find book for go to BOOKRENT)

2.Book Rent, In Big City, In Thailand, there are many BOOKRENT. The most of books are Fiction and Cartoon, sometime, there are pocket books. Don't have textbook. If u want to do report, you can find from internet ( except u will make complicated report)

If the interesting book don't have in here, I have 2 choice. First, Go to Library. Second, wait to buy in BOOK FASTIVAL.

3.Book Fastival, there are many stores that discount. 


5. Internet some book, you can read in internet but I don't like becouse of light in screen. 

Pls revise me,If I have any wrong. If u have a good book to suggest, pls tell me. Thank you.

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