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my life

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January 15, 2010

in this world

u will never find someone who think of u only  ur parents ur mum and ur dad 

a person that really loves u but sometimes this can happen ur lover can never think about u or care of u.

u can  say that its rules that never change or maybe become more bad as the time pass

this is what happen to me always as much as i want to have a good friend they always dont understand me and dont even listen to me.

 i hate them i cant live with them they are sooo bothering


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View all entries from my life >

03:44 AM Jan 19 2010


the problem is that i wanted a friend but he dont accept my friendship and he did like he accept it but he never talk to me.

i think its better when u said that u dont accept someone as a friend its much better than lie maybe in the beginning will be hard but after everything will be oki 

its much better than hurt him with lies 

05:25 PM Jan 17 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Love is holy power that god have given us! Love make us powerful for living!

But some time we mistake between like and love! some people like us not love!

Loving dont want any reason but liking certaly is for some reasones!

Any way hate is not good!

05:14 AM Jan 15 2010


understand what ?

in contrast in the future i will go to study in university and i will see more bad things than in school and as im growing up as i will discover more about people and their bad behaviour

01:34 AM Jan 15 2010


Saudi Arabia

Maybe you're a teenager so you feel that feeling
But when grow up you will understand everything